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Exam Ref 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Pdf Download
Exam Ref 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Pdf Download


Exam Ref 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Pdf Download


















































Request aborted. You must pre-provision all role instances before scaling up (also not true) &and the book has the correct answers as C & D. Search MSDN Search all blogs Search this blog Sign in Microsoft Press blog Microsoft Press blog New book: Exam Ref 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Kim SpilkerMarch 12, 20151 Share 0 0 We�re pleased to announce the availability of Exam Ref 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (ISBN 9780735697041), by Zoiner Tejada, Michele Leroux Bustamante, and Ike Ellis. Other titles you might like Exam Ref 70-698 Installing and Configuring Windows 10 with Practice Test Book $44.99 Exam Ref 70-345 Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 with Practice Test Book $39.99 From IT Pro to Cloud Pro Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online Book $29.99 . Ike Ellis, Solliance data and cloud architect, is a Microsoft Azure Insider and Microsoft SQL Server MVP. .. 0% . You can only scale in even multiples (this is not true). MOBI The eBook format compatible with the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle applications. Purchase from these online retailers: Microsoft Press Store Barnes & Noble Independent booksellers � Shop local Prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-532�and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of Microsoft Azure solution development.


The Microsoft Press StoreSearchTopicsWindowsMicrosoft OfficeServersProgrammingSoftware EngineeringCertification & TrainingAll topicsSeriesAdmin CompanionBest Practices - DeveloperBest Practices - IT ProBusiness SkillsDeveloper ReferenceExam RefInside OutMOS Study GuidePlain & SimplePocket ConsultantStep by StepStep by Step for DevelopersTraining GuideTraining KitAll seriesAuthorsSpecialsMoreAboutAffiliate programContact usDistribution & salesNewsletterRegister your bookSample chaptersSupportUser groupsWrite for us. Can someone please verify this is indeed the case? I don't believe this is the only review section in this book where a mistake was need. Register your book to access additional benefits. DropPDF Exam Ref 70 532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions PDF (31.87 MB) Download . Free shipping This eBook includes the following formats, accessible from your Account page after purchase: EPUB The open industry format known for its reflowable content and usability on supported mobile devices. Reply Follow UsTopicsDevelopers IT Pros New books Windows ebooks Certification Office Windows Server Business Professionals SQL Server Visual Studio SharePoint C# Azure MVPs .NET Cloud PowerShell Excel Windows Phone Support & Feedback Email our Support team Contact the blog administrator Share feedback about our books Let us know about a topic you'd like us to cover or a feature you want us to implement Privacy & Cookies Terms of Use Trademarks 2016 Microsoft . Sign in Your cart . Forbidden (403) CSRF verification failed. Designed for experienced developers ready to advance their status, Exam Ref focuses on the critical-thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the Microsoft Specialist level.Focus on the expertise measured by these objectives:Design and implement WebsitesCreate and manage Virtual MachinesDesign and implement Cloud ServicesDesign and implement a storage strategyManage application and network servicesThis Microsoft Exam Ref:Organizes its coverage by exam objectivesFeatures strategic, what-if scenarios to challenge youWill be valuable for Microsoft Azure developers, solution architects, DevOps engineers, and QA engineersAssumes you have experience designing, programming, implementing, automating, and monitoring Microsoft Azure solutions and that you are proficient with tools, techniques, and approaches for building scalable, resilient solutionsDeveloping Microsoft Azure SolutionsAbout the ExamExam 70-532 focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to develop Microsoft Azure solutions that include websites, virtual machines, cloud services, storage, application services, and network services.About Microsoft CertificationPassing this exam earns you a Microsoft Specialist certification in Microsoft Azure, demonstrating your expertise with the Microsoft Azure enterprise-grade cloud platform.You can earn this certification by passing Exam 70-532, Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions; or Exam 70-533, Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions; or Exam 70-534, Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions.See full details at: Online Sample Chapter Design and Implement an Azure Storage Strategy Sample Pages Download the sample content Table of Contents Introduction xiMicrosoft certifications xiAcknowledgments xiiFree ebooks from Microsoft Press xiiiErrata, updates, & book support xiiiWe want to hear from you xiiiStay in touch xiiiPreparing for the exam xivChapter 1 Design and implement websites 1Objective 1.1: Deploy websites 2Defining deployment slots 2Rolling back deployments 7Creating hosting plans 7Migrating websites between hosting plans 10Creating a website within a hosting plan 12Objective summary 13Objective review 13Objective 1.2: Configure websites 13Defining and using app settings 14Defining and using connection strings 16Defining and using request handler mappings 18Defining and using virtual directories and virtualapplications 20Configure custom domains 22Configuring certificates 26Configuring SSL bindings 32Managing websites by using the API, Windows PowerShell,and the Cross-Platform Command Line Interface (xplat-cli) 33Objective summary 34Objective review 35Objective 1.3: Configure diagnostics, monitoring, and analytics 35Retrieving diagnostics data and viewing streaming logs 36Configuring diagnostics 43Using remote debugging 45Configuring endpoint monitoring 46Configuring alerts 48Monitoring website resources 51Objective summary 54Objective review 54Objective 1.4: Implement WebJobs 55Writing WebJobs using the SDK 55Packaging and deploying WebJobs 58Scheduling WebJobs 60Objective summary 61Objective review 61Objective 1.5: Configure websites for scale and resilience 62Configuring auto-scale using built-in and custom schedules 63Configuring auto-scale by metric 64Changing the size of an instance 68Configuring Traffic Manager 69Objective summary 73Objective review 73Objective 1.6: Design and implement applications for scale and resilience 74Selecting a pattern 75Implementing transient fault handling for services and responding to throttling 79Disabling Application Request Routing (ARR) affinity 82Objective summary 83Objective review 83Answers 84Chapter 2 Create and manage virtualmachines 91Objective 2.1: Deploy workloads on Azure virtual machines 91Identifying supported workloads 92Creating a VM 93Objective summary 96Objective review 96Objective 2.2: Create and manage a VM image or virtual hard disk 97Creating specialized and generalized VM images 97Uploading VHDs to Azure 99Creating disks 100Creating a VM using existing disks 101Generalizing a VM 103Creating or capturing a VM image 103Instantiating a VM instance from a VM image 105Copying images between storage accounts 106Objective summary 107Objective review 107Objective 2.3: Perform configuration management 108VM Agent and VM extensions 108Configuring VMs with Custom Script Extension 109Using PowerShell DSC 110Configuring VMs with DSC 112Using the Puppet and Chef configuration management tools 114Enabling Puppet extensions 114Enabling Chef extensions 119Enabling remote debugging 122Objective summary 122Objective review 123Objective 2.4: Configure VM networking 124Configuring DNS at the cloud service level 124Configuring endpoints with instance-level public IP addresses 124Configuring endpoints with reserved IP addresses 126Configuring access control lists 127Load balancing endpoints and configuring health probes 128Configuring Direct Server Return and keep-alive 132Leveraging name resolution within a cloud service 133Configuring firewall rules 133Objective summary 135Objective review 136Objective 2.5: Scale VMs 136Scaling up and scaling down VM sizes 137Configuring availability sets 138Configuring auto-scale 141Objective summary 144Objective review 144Objective 2.6: Design and implement VM storage 145Planning for storage capacity 145Configuring storage pools 146Configuring disk caching 148Configuring geo-replication 150Configuring shared storage using Azure File storage 150Objective summary 154Objective review 155Objective 2.7: Monitor VMs 155Configuring monitoring and diagnostics 156Configuring endpoint monitoring 158Configuring alerts 158Monitoring metrics 160Objective summary 162Objective review 163Answers 164Chapter 3 Design and implement cloudservices 171Objective 3.1: Design and develop a cloud service 171Installing SDKs and emulators 172Developing a web or worker role 173Design and implement resiliency 180Developing startup tasks 181Objective summary 184Objective review 184Objective 3.2: Configure cloud services and roles 185Configuring instance size and count 185Configuring auto-scale 187Configuring cloud service networking 190Configuring local storage 200Configuring multiple websites in a web role 201Configuring custom domains 204Configuring caching 205Objective summary 212Objective review 212Objective 3.3: Deploy a cloud service 213Packaging a deployment 214Upgrading a deployment 214VIP swapping a deployment 218Implementing continuous delivery from Visual Studio Online 219Implementing runtime configuration changes using the management portal 222Configuring regions and affinity groups 225Objective summary 228Objective review 228Objective 3.4: Monitor and debug a cloud service 229Configuring diagnostics 229Profiling resource consumption 231Enabling remote debugging 233Enabling and using Remote Desktop Protocol 234Debugging using IntelliTrace 236Debugging using the emulator 237Objective summary 239Objective review 240Answers 241Chapter 4 Design and implement a storage strategy 245Objective 4.1: Implement Azure Storage blobs and Azure files 246Creating a container 246Finding your account access key 249Uploading a blob 250Reading data 251Changing data 251Setting metadata on a container 253Storing data using block and page blobs 255Streaming data using blobs 255Accessing blobs securely 255Implementing an async blob copy 256Configuring the Content Delivery Network 257Designing blob hierarchies 258Configuring custom domains 258Scaling Blob storage 259Working with Azure File storage 259Objective summary 260Objective review 260Objective 4.2: Implement Azure Storage tables 261Using basic CRUD operations 261Querying using ODATA 265Designing, managing, and scaling table partitions 266Objective summary 267Objective review 267Objective 4.3: Implement Azure storage queues 268Adding messages to a queue 268Processing messages 269Retrieving a batch of messages 270Scaling queues 270Objective summary 271Objective review 272Objective 4.4: Manage access 272Generating shared access signatures 273Creating stored access policies 276Regenerating storage account keys 276Configuring and using Cross-Origin Resource Sharing 278Objective summary 279Objective review 279Objective 4.5: Monitor storage 280Configuring storage metrics 280Analyzing storage metrics 283Configuring Storage Analytics Logging 285Analyzing storage logs 287Objective summary 291Objective review 291Objective 4.6: Implement SQL databases 292Choosing the appropriate database tier and performance level 292Configuring and performing point in time recovery 295Enabling geo-replication 297Importing and exporting data and schema (existing portal) 301Importing and exporting data and schema (Preview portal) 302Objective summary 303Objective review 303Answers 304Chapter 5 Manage application and network services 313Objective 5.1: Integrate an app with Azure Active Directory 313Creating a directory 314Managing users 315Integrating applications 317Querying directories with the Graph API 324Objective summary 328Objective review 329Objective 5.2: Configure a virtual network 329Creating a virtual network 330Adding a VM to a virtual network 332Deploying a cloud service to a virtual network 334Objective summary 335Objective review 335Objective 5.3: Modify network configuration 336Modifying a subnet (existing portal) 336Modifying a subnet (Preview portal) 337Moving a VM or cloud service to a new subnet 338Exporting network configuration 339Importing network configuration 339Objective summary 340Objective review 340Objective 5.4: Design and implement a communication strategy 341Creating a Service Bus namespace 342Selecting a protocol for messaging 343Using Service Bus relays 344Using Service Bus queues 349Using Service Bus topics and subscriptions 356Using event hubs 361Using notification hubs 366Objective summary 368Objective review 369Objective 5.5: Scale and monitor communication 369Choosing a pricing tier 370Scaling Service Bus features 371Monitoring Service Bus features 373Objective summary 377Objective review 377Objective 5.6: Implement caching 378Implementing Redis Cache 379Implementing Azure Managed Cache Service 383Objective summary 384Objective review 385Answers 386Index 395 Features Provides exam preparation tips written by Microsoft Azure expertsCovers Exam 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure SolutionsOrganizes its coverage by the exam objectivesFeatures strategic, what-if scenarios to challenge the exam candidate Errata We've made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this book and its companion content. Home > Topics > Certification & Training > Developer Certifications Exam Ref 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions By Zoiner Tejada, Michele Leroux Bustamante, Ike Ellis Part of the Exam Ref series.


We customize your eBook by discreetly watermarking it with your name, making it uniquely yours. Designed for experienced developers ready to advance their status, Exam Ref focuses on the critical-thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the Microsoft Specialist level. B. Book Not for sale This product currently is not for sale. The book contains good information but it really could have benefited from a couple more rounds of editing. 74309d7132

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